“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

In the age of Globalization the world has become one bringing together cultures that would otherwise be strange to one another. This phenomena gives way to complex international business interactions at a levels unprecedented. As this development intensifies, it brings with it opportunities to be taken advantage of and risks to be avoided. It is in this environment that developing an effective intercultural competence maximizes a business’s chance to capitalize on the former while eliminating the latter. As effective communication is key to all business interactions, it becomes even more crucial when dealing with business partners and potential business partners that have varying cultural backgrounds. A business’s intercultural competence does not only create the golden first impression, instead it also manages the lasting last impression by which we are also judged.

As the embodiment of intercultural competence, kataba helps you understand yourself and navigate the cultural stereotypes and communication pitfalls that would otherwise lead to ruin, while promoting courtesy and understanding in dealing with business partners of different cultural and religious backgrounds. If you ever wondered: how to lead a successful and long lasting business relationship with international customers, partners and employees? Or how to build a harmonious international business team? How to prepare your employees for life and work in Germany? Or even how to react to religion motivated request from your employees (for instance, religious holiday requests or wearing of the hijab at work).

kataba will be there for and with you to offer advice and provide training all the way. Our training and advice are tailored to fit the needs of your business or organization.

On the profile page you will find information about the trainer particularly her pedagogic and scientific background and her teaching methods. Have we awaken your curiosity? Then please do contact us for more information. Our initial service – a consulting session - is provided free of charge. And after we determine your needs we will compile a free training plan for you.